RTR Hosts Doza de Alternativ Podcast

There are many podcasts to choose from these days, especially from the western world. Snowboarder’s have “The Bomb Hole”, there’s “The Lineup” for surfers, and many more depending on what action sports you’re interested in. The greatest thing about them is also the problem for locals, especially here in Romania: They’re usually about the biggest names and locations associated with these sports. Luckily, our Co-founder Bobby has been working diligently to create a solution to […]

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Învață din Mers Joins RTR

Many of the cities within Romania are concrete playgrounds for skateboarding and bmx. With the drastic differences between new infrastructure and old, there are unlimited possibilities for personal expression within these action sports. Even though you’re more likely to see kids riding around on scooters than anything else, there’s still a healthy skate scene here. Învață din Mers is working non-stop to change that and ensure that the skateboarding community grows and has the proper […]

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