New Partner: WEGO Kite Spot

The Black Sea is a great place for kitesurfing, and it’s easy to tell just by the amount of colorful kites you see racing about in the skies just over the water on a blustery day. WEGO Kite Spot is definitely the hub for those already with a passion for riding the wind and skipping across the waves and those who wish to discover it. Besides offering a great place to hang out with other’s […]

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New Partner: weSKI Muntele Mic

Muntele Mic is a unique place within the Carpathian Mountains. The terrain is almost all above treeline which leaves endless possibilities for choice of fall line down the mountain. While there are easy groomed slopes down the mountain from a number of ski lift operators, there are also the ungroomed spaces between those trails. The guys at the weSKI Muntele Mic resort have taken serious advantage of this opportunity to help push the ski mountain […]

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