Muntele Mic is a unique place within the Carpathian Mountains. The terrain is almost all above treeline which leaves endless possibilities for choice of fall line down the mountain. While there are easy groomed slopes down the mountain from a number of ski lift operators, there are also the ungroomed spaces between those trails. The guys at the weSKI Muntele Mic resort have taken serious advantage of this opportunity to help push the ski mountain and freeride within Romania to the next level. There is no question that we are supremely stoked that they have decided to partner with us!

Lift Accessed Off-Piste 2022

Even though they own just two of the lifts, a T-Bar style up the front side of the mountain and a brand new 6-person high speed detachable lift on the back side, they have been the driving force for coordination with the other lift owners to offer a universal RF pass that works anywhere on the mountain. While the front of the mountain is fun and has the more challenging Nordica trail which is steeper and narrower than the rest of the groomed runs on the mountain, weSKI purposefully highlights the back of the mountain with their lift accessed off-piste terrain. The semi-bowl offers countless options for natural delight when it comes to freeride. From mellow powder turns through widely spaced evergreen trees to fall line steeps complete with cliff drops, it’s shredders choice, and all of it can be seen from the 6-person high speed lift, giving a constant audience for those showing off their skills, and never ending entertainment on the ride back up the mountain.

Besides the widest variety of terrain and on slope riding conditions, weSKI Muntele Mic also has two great locations to hang out and enjoy the scenery, music, and beverages of all kinds. The Sky Lounge overlooks the peaks of Țarcu across the valley, which is regularly filled with low clouds giving credence to it’s name. Whether it’s for a coffee or tea break mid-run, or watching the sun set over the clouds with an adult beverage while listening to a live DJ and waiting for night skiing to start, this is the BEST place to chill on the slopes. There’s also the amazing Dodo’s Burgers which has more than just burgers and another bar at the bottom of Vâlsanu, where you can relax and enjoy the view of the off-piste terrain on the back side of the mountain. weSKI also has their own ski school and equipment rental facility with high-quality, newer gear.

View of Țarcu from Freeride Area 2022

Without a doubt, this is an understated resort with so much to offer. With a focus on high quality facilities and guest experience, it’s worth the trip. Even better, there are massive expansions planned for the near future that will be a game changer for pushing Romanian resorts into the modern age. When the white stuff stops falling, and the season is ending, no one is sad because they off wonderful MTB and e-bike trails for the rest of the year, complete with Sky Lounge and Dodo’s Burgers experiences. The little mountain is going HUGE, all the time, and the sky will be the limit on this partnership!

WeSKI Muntele Mic 2022