There’s no shortage of world-class terrain in Romania. Yet the outside world can only be made aware of it with visual media that accurately captures the true and rugged nature of these places. Razvan Rișcuța has a fantastic eye for this challenge. His company takes care of the visual media for both Heliski Romania and the WeSKI Muntele Mic/ WeRIDE Romania brands.

Alex Pârvan Dialing his Backside Boardslides

Without the dedication of this brand, and its namesake, to being out in the mountains all the time to capture content, these brands and what they stand for wouldn’t be so alive and well respected. Rișcuța Film is an integral part of the action sports that happen in the Carpathian Mountains and within the riders community as a whole. Many don’t realize how challenging it is to ride and capture someone else at the same time. The extra gear is heavy, the extra time it takes to make sure batteries are charged, lenses are clean, planning the right spots to make sure the lighting is right, and that’s without thinking about the editing of photos and videos. It’s truly a labor of love kind of job, those who don’t love it, don’t do it.

With this kind set mindset of loving the hard work of accurately capturing and promoting these action sports and riders, RTR is excited to welcome Rișcuța Film as a part of the Tribe. We are looking forward to the many future collaborations and spending lots of time in the mountains with Razvan because as great as he is at working, he is also the chillest guy you could hope to hang out with in any given scenario. If you see him on the mountain with his camera, don’t hesitate to say “hi” and get to know him, you won’t regret it!