Wouldn’t it be great if there was an event dedicated to the Riders where they could not only interact with each other, but also with the industry professionals for the purposes of feedback, integration, and collaboration? RTR fully agrees and has decided that this is something that is critical for the progression of the action sports in Romania. But once a year isn’t enough… twice per year! Once in the Fall and once in the Spring, this is the case for the RTR Alliance MGP (Meet, Greet and Party) event.

In the Fall, we celebrate the Fall and Winter action sports of Surfing, Kiteboarding, Freeskiing, and Snowboarding. In the Spring we celebrate the Spring and Summer action sports of Skateboarding, Rolling, BMX, Scootering, MTB, and Wakeboarding. We invite you to come out and get to know us, our goals, and how you can help progress these sports within Romania.

The Alliance part of this is everyone connected with RTR who is trying to push the action sports within Romania to new levels, and eventually International Standards. Besides having a fun reason to get together and enjoy great music and company, this event is the perfect platform for those working in and supporting the action sports industry to broadcast what they’re doing to push progression, as well as get immediate feedback from the Riders themselves. It’s also no coincidence that we’re throwing our FreezeFrame action sports media contest into this mix: so we can all acknowledge and celebrate why we do this in the first place… We’re all Riders at the end of the day, and it’s important to highlight and congratulate the best our Tribe has to offer.

Please, spread the word among all the Riders you know… we look forward to meeting you at the next one on June 02, 2024, at Expirat in Bucharest!