If it’s not caught on digital media, it never happened right? That’s why we Riders always have a friend who films or we take turns filming each other for social media likes, maybe for eventual sponsorship, or even just remembering the good old days when we’re far too old to “send it”. Those are all great incentives, however there’s something far more important that’s deep down within the heart of every single Rider who sends it… personal glory.

We’ve decided that it’s important to validate you, Riders, in your personal glory and even do you one better: acknowledge you in front of your peers and industry professionals. Nothing screams “I sent it” better than winning a contest that says you sent it far beyond the rest. That’s our FreezeFrame action sports media contest.

The FreezeFrame contest is in conjunction with our RTR Alliance MGP event twice per year, once in the Fall and then again in the Spring. The Fall event will highlight the Fall and Winter action sports of Surfing, Kiteboarding, Freeskiing, and Snowboarding, and the Spring event will highlight the Spring and Summer action sports of MTB, Skateboarding, BMX, and Wakeboarding. This is a contest that is held over Social Media, Instagram specifically, which is partially judged on LIKES, meaning Riders have some control over how far they can spread their submissions and how many votes they get, as well as judging by an official RTR panel.

Fall 2022 FreezeFrame | Proudly Sponsored By:

FreezeFrame Fall 2022

Results | FreezeFrame Fall 2022


Snowboarding Freestyle

Men: Alex Parvan

Women: Ioana Halmaghi

Snowboarding Freeride

Men: Gabriel Sarkadi

Women: Ioana Dana Popescu

Freeskiing Freestyle

Men: Toma Trandafir

Freeskiing Freeride

Men: Luca Trandafir

Women: Sonja Dragan

Kiteboarding Freestyle / Big Air

Men: Octav Tirziu

Women: Irina Bratucu

Kiteboarding Freeride

Men: Vlad Caragata

Women: Ioana Dana Popescu

Surfing Longboard

Men: Alex Ivan

Women: Agnes Molnar

Surfing Shortboard

Men: Mihai Ghita

Women: Iulia Constantin

“The Other Rider”

Theodor Petre



Men: Cata Catut

Women: Alexandra Neagu


Men: Paul Pogo

Women: Silvia Chirila


Men: Doru Stanciu

Women: Ioana Iancu


Men: Bogdan Dan Staruiala

Women: Suzanne Mot