If it’s not caught on digital media, it never happened right? That’s why we Riders always have a friend who films or we take turns filming each other for social media likes, maybe for eventual sponsorship, or even just remembering the good old days when we’re far too old to “send it”. Those are all great incentives, however there’s something far more important that’s deep down within the heart of every single Rider who sends it… personal glory.

We’ve decided that it’s important to validate you, Riders, in your personal glory and even do you one better: acknowledge you in front of your peers and industry professionals. Nothing screams “I sent it” better than winning a contest that says you sent it far beyond the rest. That’s our FreezeFrame action sports media contest.

The FreezeFrame contest is in conjunction with our RTR Alliance MGP event twice per year, once in the Fall and then again in the Spring. The Fall event highlights the Fall and Winter action sports of Surfing, Kiteboarding, Freeskiing, and Snowboarding, and the Spring event highlights the Spring and Summer action sports of Skateboarding, Rolling, BMX, Scootering, MTB, and Wakeboarding, . This is a contest that is held over Social Media, Instagram specifically, which is partially judged on LIKES, meaning Riders have some control over how far they can spread their submissions and how many votes they get, as well as judging by an official RTR panel.

We welcome all Riders to submit their best content, however, we cannot stress this enough: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ ALL RULES OF THE CONTEST BELOW. The last thing we want are Riders to be disqualified from winning prizes because of non-adherence to the rules of the contest.

We can’t wait to see the best of what you have and thanks for your participation and sharing the contest with other Riders you know. Again: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ ALL RULES OF THE CONTEST BELOW BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR CONTENT.

PARTICIPATION RULES | FreezeFrame Spring 2024

  • FreezeFrame is an interactive media competition, which consists of the posting of photo/ video materials by the participants on their own Instagram pages, respectively in the voting and awarding of the best of them within the RTR Alliance MGP event
  • The entire media content of the competition will be provided exclusively by the participants
  • All materials can not be older than 1 year from the competition date (not older than May 26th, 2023)
  • The posted materials will be accompanied by a tag of @ridetriberomania on the posted photo/video. Without the tagging of the Ride Tribe Romania Instagram Account on the photo/visual the registration won’t be taken in consideration. Also, don’t forget to specify the category you are applying for: skateboard park // skateboard street // bmx park // bmx street // roll park // roll street // scooter park // scooter street // mtb freestyle // mtb downhill // wakeboard air tricks // wakeboard park for photos and skateboard // bmx // roll // scooter // mtb // wakeboard for videos
  • The post description should look like this:
    • Rider: Jack Daniels
    • Category: Skateboard Street Men
  • Each participant is obliged to upload the materials on their own Instagram page
  • Posting materials on Instagram, represents registration in the FreezeFrame contest, and respectively acceptance of these contest rules
  • The deadline for posting materials on the Instagram page of the event / Instagram page RideTribeRomania is May 26th, 2024 23:59
  • Voting & Judging: The public will be able to vote for the materials posted through Instagram LIKES. The share of public votes in the final grade is 10%. The difference between the posted materials will be made by the number of LIKES obtained from the public. The grades awarded by the competition jury will have a weight of 90% of the final grade
  • Participants can only post material that contains themselves
  • If it is difficult to identify the participant in the posted materials, the organizers may request additional information and/or materials to verify their identity
  • Participants assume all responsibility for respecting any copyright that may apply to the materials with which they participate in the contest
  • Prizes will be collected by the winners only after verification of their identification data.
  • Contest categories (prizes):
    • PHOTO:
      • Skateboard Park (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Skateboard Street (Men’s & Women’s)
      • BMX Park (Men’s & Women’s)
      • BMX Street (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Roll Park (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Roll Street (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Scooter Park (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Scooter Street (Men’s & Women’s)
      • MTB Freestyle (Men’s & Women’s)
      • MTB Downhill (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Wakeboard Air Tricks (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Wakeboard Park (Men’s & Women’s)
    • VIDEO:
      • Skateboard (Men’s & Women’s)
      • BMX (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Roll (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Scooter (Men’s & Women’s)
      • MTB (Men’s & Women’s)
      • Wakeboard (Men’s & Women’s)
    • YOUNGBLOODS (UNDER 14 Years Old ONLY, Both Photo AND Video Accepted):
      • Skateboard (Boy’s & Girl’s)
      • BMX (Boy’s & Girl’s)
      • Roll (Boy’s & Girl’s)
      • Scooter (Boy’s & Girl’s)
      • MTB (Boy’s & Girl’s)
      • Wakeboard (Boy’s & Girl’s)
  • Regarding the YOUNGBLOODS categories: we fully expect the material to be posted by a parent of the participant, and please identify the YOUNGBLOODS category as well as the sport and gender.
  • The post description should look like this:
    • Rider: Minnie Mouse
    • Category: YOUNGBLOODS Wakeboarding Girls


  • Each contestant can upload a maximum of three (3) photos in the form of a carousel (one post, not 3 different posts). Multiple posts will be disqualified
  • Each photo in the carousel can be from different sports from within the contest which enables entry into multiple contest categories. However it is only possible to win one prize per contest participant
  • Recommended resolution: 1200 x 1200 (1:1)
  • The ONLY allowed changes for photos submission: cropping, re-sizing (from higher to lower resolution), exposure adjustments, contrast, white balance
  • Modification or rearranging of photo content is NOT permitted (NO FAKE PHOTOS)
  • Counterfeit materials will be disqualified
  • Photo content must represent snapshots of movement while participating in contest sport categories
  • Any non-compliance with these regulations automatically leads to the disqualification of the competitor


  • Each contestant may post ONE (1) video only
  • Duration of a clip: minimum 10 seconds, maximum 3 minutes (including generic, credits, etc.)
  • A video can consist of a compilation of clips however all clips must be from the same sport
  • Videos cannot contain photos
  • Recommended Resolution: 1080×1920 Full HD
  • The content of the video clips must present dynamic scenes of participation of contest sports for at least 80% of their duration
  • Any non-compliance with these regulations automatically leads to the disqualification of the competitor