RTR Hosts Doza de Alternativ Podcast

There are many podcasts to choose from these days, especially from the western world. Snowboarder’s have “The Bomb Hole”, there’s “The Lineup” for surfers, and many more depending on what action sports you’re interested in. The greatest thing about them is also the problem for locals, especially here in Romania: They’re usually about the biggest names and locations associated with these sports. Luckily, our Co-founder Bobby has been working diligently to create a solution to […]

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SurfAcademy / SupAcademy Joins RTR

Believe it or not, the Black Sea has a surf school, and even more unfathomable is the fact that it’s a great place to learn how to surf! How can that be so? Even though the ocean has much more powerful waves, which are honestly more desirable once a surfer moves out of the “beginner” level, it also has much stronger tides, rip currents, angry fish that want to stab you with poison or eat […]

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