Carpathian Yeti Search is both an “on-mountain” and “online” social media contest that happens every year once the winter is in full swing. Once the resorts are open for the season and there is enough snow, the Carpathian Yeti comes out from his hiding places in the forests and high alpine to poach some runs while trying not to get caught without a ski pass. Ride Tribe Romania “spotters” are out there keeping track of his movements and are usually able to warn the public before he shows up at mountain resorts. From Muntele Mic to Sinaia, the Carpathian Yeti has been known to travers the entire range within Transylvania looking for fresh pow to shred. Ride Tribe Romania needs your help in spotting him and if you are the first to see him and post about it when he shows up, you will be rewarded for your efforts! The challenge is very simple:

  1. When you see the Carpathian Yeti bombing the hill on skis or a snowboard, get a picture of him with your phone as fast as you can!

It doesn’t have to be a perfect shot, we know he’s fast and hard to get! It just has to be clear that you were able to capture him, even if it’s just a hand in the photo!

  1. As soon as you take the photo, upload it as a post to Instagram and Facebook with the following HASHTAGS and make sure to TAG Ride Tribe Romania in the post as well as the location:






That’s it! The first person to successfully post a picture of the Carpathian Yeti shredding for that day with the correct hashtags and correctly tags Ride Tribe Romania in the post will win a prize. Ride Tribe Romania will contact you through the social media account that you posted with to let you know that you’ve won.

Two last pieces of advise…

  1. If you see him on the mountain, but you were too slow on the draw to capture the picture, don’t worry, he likes to take multiple laps on the days he rides so, you’ll have the chance to see him again, just keep your eyes open and your camera ready!
  2. If you are able to capture a photo of the Carpathian Yeti and win the contest, don’t let your guard down the next time you hear that he’s in the area, if you’re the first to capture him again, chances are the prize will be different!