Many thanks to our sponsors who are supporting the 2024 event, we can’t do it without you!

JIBassic Ark is a way for all of us to come together for a rail jam session but with a twist! The format is Hangman, which should be familiar if you were there last year or remember the contests at Adrenalin Mountain Park. Just like our contest in 2023, for 2024 our snowpark will be expertly shaped by the weSKI Muntele Mic shaping crew and The SSPOT courtesy of Alex Pârvan. The recipe will be the same: announce the trick, land it and resist the tricks of others! The entire weekend will be one to remember, with many surprises for those who come to test their jibbing skills. Check out the after-movie and galleries from last year’s contest below the registration form for insight into this year’s contest, thanks to Rișcuța Film and Adrian Crapciu for the fantastic content!

The contest will be on February 3rd, 2024 at Muntele Mic on the Vâlsanu side of the mountain, with a rider’s meeting at 10am at the Sky Lounge. The first 20 snowboarders and freeskiers to register for the competition will also be provided lodging (shared bunk rooms) for Friday night (February 2nd) and Saturday night (February 3rd). Please register as soon as the form becomes available ON THIS PAGE to secure your spot, directly below the text.

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Check out our 2023 Jibassic Ark contest gallery below!

Adrian Crapciu Gallery

Riscuta Film Gallery

Bogdan Zop Gallery