Heliski Romania, the only such outfit within the country, has decided to partner with RideTribe Romania! With a mutual desire to spread the love of freeride and grow the community while keeping the highest quality experiences a priority, this reputable brand has managed to do something no one else has… Bring the most unreachable peaks and best terrain with fresh powder to anyone willing to enjoy the thrilling helicopter ride to the top! I can say, from extensive personal experience, that Heliski Romania is beyond a bucket list type experience at the most reasonable prices that you will find on the planet.

Țarcu 2022

Just because they have reasonable prices doesn’t mean that safety takes a backseat. This is a family owned business that is attentive to every guest’s needs, and the lead guide Catri can handle any situation that presents itself. They also have a number of highly experienced and qualified pilots, including the legend himself, Romeo Dunca, when he finds time away from his extensive obligations as a businessman. As an experienced helicopter pilot myself with hundrededs of combat flight hours in Iraq and Afghanistan, I would fly with these guys anytime.

Airbus H-125

The helicopters they use are a new Airbus H-125 (AS350-B3e) and an Airbus AS355-NP. Both are fantastic light helicopters, and the H-125 is the only helicopter in history to successfully land on the summit of Mount Everest and hang out for a few minutes before departing. These birds are the perfect complement of machinery for heliski operations in the Carpathian Mountains. They are based out of the WeSKI Muntele Mic Resort for their trips to Țarcu, with a satellite base of operations for the more advanced riding trips to Făgăraș with great bed and breakfast style lodging available for both locations.

Făgăras 2022

Heliski Romania has many packages to choose from for riders of ability levels from intermediate to expert, and some of the best equipment on the market available for rent. Even for the expert rider, regardless of the package you choose, there are ample opportunities to fully “send it”. I have never not had the best time with this outfit, and I highly suggest you put it on your list for this winter. As the famous ski film maker Warren Miller would say, “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.”

Heliski Romania 2022